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Clean & Simple

Whether you’re training for a race or are just a picky eater that likes to keep things simple, GGC Meals: Clean & Simple is right for you. You know you want a 6 oz. chicken breast simply seasoned with salt & pepper, a cup of sautéed spinach, and cup of brown rice? Go on! Order it. Nothing fancy or fussy. Just food you need to power your body. Best part? No grocery shopping, chopping, cooking or cleaning up.

Choose Your Delivery

Pick your delivery date from our online calendar. We’ll quietly deliver your foods in an insulated bag in the nighttime hours before 5 a.m. on your delivery date. Boom. Powerful nutrition. Hand-delivery to your door or doorman by our logistics crew is just $5. Schedule one delivery or many deliveries. It’s your choice.

Select Your Foods

You know what you want: Proteins, Veggies, and/or Grains. Choose your portion size. Every item you choose will be added to your sidebar shopping cart so you can see exactly what you’ve ordered as your ordering. Every item you choose is delivered in a microwave-safe container.

It’s Fresh

Our chefs are making your food fresh each day. If you’re going to order a few days of meals, we suggest no more than three days’ worth of food per delivery to keep the food tasting its best. Alternatively, you can certainly schedule deliveries as often as you wish. Daily delivery is the freshest. Om nom nom.