Stay in the know about all things GGC Meals

Q : Is there a delivery charge?
A : Delivery is $5.

Q : Do I need to return the delivery bag?
A : No, there’s no need to return the bag. If you can repurpose it, great. Alternatively, if you order from us often, you can save up bags and ice packs and leave them out for our logistics team by 10 pm the night before you expect a delivery. We’ll gladly reuse them.

Q : Do I need to be home for the delivery?
A : There’s no need to be home. We quietly hand courier your cooler bag of food to your door before 5 a.m. on the day you expect delivery.

Q : Do I need to refrigerate your food or can I leave it in the cooler bag?
A : We recommend you retrieve your cooler bag first thing in the morning, open it, and place your food containers in your refrigerator.

Q : Would this work well for families?
A : Sure.

Q : Don’t want to make dinner? Have picky eaters? Just want to serve your family something healthy?
A : Give yourself a night off from cooking and order from us.

Q : Can I order food to be delivered on multiple future dates?
A : Yes. You can order as many deliveries as you wish.

Q : Can I cancel or change my order?
A : Yes, just email us at 48 hours in advance of your delivery and we can cancel or reschedule your delivery.

Q : Is your food fresh?
A : Yes. Our chefs are in the kitchen every day of the week. They’re cooking food today that will be delivered overnight before 5 a.m. to our clients’ doors. Nothing is frozen.