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GGC Meals: Clean & Simple is a fresh green offshoot of The Green Gourmet Chicago, our fancier, fussier big sister which started back in 2011. We learned that some clients just wanted simpler, basic, powerful nutrition. “Gourmet” didn’t appeal to them. So we developed a no-fuss option for clients to build their own meals by choosing from three basic categories: Protein, Veggies & Grains/Seeds/Starches. You know your body. You know how to choose your portion sizes. You know what you’d like to eat for lunch and for dinner. We leave that all to you.

We’re a Chicago company, proudly Chicago owned and run. If you like supporting local small businesses…that’s us to the core! We’re here to give you our absolute best. Let us know how we can make your GGC Meals: Clean & Simple experience even better by sending us feedback at